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City of Bridgeport | Town of Fairfield | City of Milford | Town of Orange | Town of Stratford | Town of WoodbridgeCTN The Connecticut Network’s (CT-N) purpose is to provide the citizens of Connecticut with unbiased coverage of state government deliberations and public policy events.

Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control

Firstgov is the official portal to the US Government.

Whitehouse gets one to the White House.

Congress is the link to Congress

Findlaw is the most popular law site on the net.

Cablevision Sound View’s Public, Educational & Government access is broadcast through Cablevision on channel 77, 78 &79. AT&T U-Verse channel 99Wikipedia/Public Access is Wikipedia’s guide to all things regarding PA. It’s a great resource to get information about public access television.

Click on this link to get up-to-date info on Community Television.

Apple is a great resource for video. Avid is another obvious choice.

World Wide Internet TeleVision is the place to see live video on the web

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